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4 Common Types of iPhone Water Damage

If you own a phone, chances are that you have run into some issues with water damage in the past. However, the symptoms may vary from case to case. With that said, here are four common symptoms of water damage for iPhones: 


  1. The speaker stops working

While not producing any sound is a common issue for many iPhones, it can also be a sign that there has been some water damage to your device. This is usually not a permanent problem, as when the water dries up and evaporates from the speakers, it should be able to function normally. The first few days after the speakers are functional again, you can expect some garbling and cracking noises. This is an issue that should go away with time, so don’t worry too much about it. 


  1. The phone doesn’t charge

 Another common symptom of iPhone water damage is when your phone doesn’t charge, even when it’s plugged in. This can be caused by water being trapped in the Lightning port, as the liquid will interfere with the conductive property of the wires and prevent the electricity from getting into your phone. Additionally, prolonged exposure to water and moisture can cause the port to become corroded, which will turn into a permanent issue.

Many people will suggest that you put your iPhone into a bucket of rice, but this may actually do more harm than good. There’s often a lot of dust in a rice bucket that can get stuck in the nooks and crannies of the phone, causing it to become a stain inside. Instead, you should use a toothbrush to clean out the Lightning port to remove any excess moisture and take it to an expert for a professional cleaning.


  1. The phone doesn’t recognize the SIM card

 If your phone doesn’t recognize your SIM card, it may be a result of the moisture that interferes with the chip reader, causing the phone to become unable to read the information on the card. This is a serious issue. Since your SIM card contains quite a bit of crucial information, an inability to access it means that you won’t be able to call, text, or use the internet via the cellular network. Another reason why your phone may not be able to read the SIM card is that the card itself may have become damaged, which is often the lighter issue between the two. You can drop by to your local service provider and request a new SIM card.


  1. The camera stops working

 This is a rather rare issue for iPhone with water damage, but it can happen. If the liquid comes into direct contact with the camera – even when it’s not being used – it could seep through the lens and into the internal workings of the camera system. If the camera is still functional, you may see a dark or blurry spot when inside the lens which will appear in the photo as well. In some cases, these issues may resolve itself, but this all depends on how damaged the camera is.


Can my iPhone be fixed?


Some smaller water damage issues can be fixed quite easily by letting the phone dry, but when the mainboard is damaged, the chances of repairing is slim to none. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you take it to a professional repairer to see what they think about it. If they give a quote that you think is unfair, you may want to ask another shop to see if it’s consistent. In most cases where the damage is too significant, buying a new phone is almost always a better choice. The cost of repairing your phone may not be worth it, as it can go as high as 60% to 80% of a brand new phone. If this is the case, it may be best to retrieve all of your data and buy a new phone instead.

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