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How To Fix App Crashes On Your iPhone (and iPad)

One of the worst things that can happen while you’re playing a game or watching a video on your iPhone is having the app cash unexpectedly, interrupting your session of fun. This could be especially frustrating if you were close to beating your high score or midway through a climactic scene. Nobody likes having to deal with apps that are frequently crashing. The best way to prevent these crashes is by troubleshooting your apps and mobile devices.

What Causes The Apps on Your iPhone To Crash?

There are many possible reasons why some apps on your iPhone crash. Sometimes it’s because your app needs to be updated or the new software update on your phone does not support the old version of an app. Sometime it might be because there is not enough memory on your mobile to run the app, meaning that it will crash when you are opening it. If you can identify the cause of the crash, it will be easier to fix the app. However, if the cause of the crash is unknown, here are some troubleshooting tips that should fix the problem most of the time.

 1) Force Quit The App And Relaunch

If at any point your app suddenly freezes or stops working properly, you can force quit it to see if that fixes the problem. Sometimes when we use an app often, we forget to end its activity once we have finished. Sometimes this can cause software bugs that crash the app. By force quitting it, you are essentially resetting the app, allowing it to start a fresh programme when you launch it again. 

2) Update The App And Your IOS

Sometimes apps stop working properly because your iPhone’s operating system is either behind or newer than the application’s programming. By checking for updates for both your IOS and app, their updated software should be up to date and compatible with each other, fixing the crash issue.

3) Make Some Storage Space On Your Phone

As previously mentioned, a potential cause for apps crashing could be due to a lack of memory space to run the app. If an app that you use regularly keeps crashing over and over again, try deleting an app that you rarely use to free up some memory space. The more memory space you create, the less likely your apps are to crash.

4) Uninstall And Reinstall The App

This solution is usually the most effective. Get rid of the app software entirely from your iPhone system and reinstall it. You should find that the app is working properly again.

5) Restart Your iPhone

This is obviously the oldest fix in the book. Turning something on and off again is a magical fix for any electrical device. No one really knows why it works but if it fixes your app, do you really care?


6) Factory Reset Your iPhone

The most extreme fix for crashing apps, this method wipes your entire device clean. If the other methods fail to you, resetting your phone is guaranteed to fix any issues relating to your iPhone’s software and IOS. After you’ve finished resetting your iPhone, you can reinstall the app, and everything should work fine. Just remember to back up the data on your phone by uploading it to your cloud account before you reset the system!


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